1680s, Moscow (?) - After 1741

Portrait of a Field Hetman

  • 1720s (1726 or 1727 (?))
  • oil on canvas
  • 76 x 60
  • Ж-4909
  • Received in 1923 from the Academy of Arts
  • Provenance: Winter Palace (until 1765 (?))

The portrait was included in the 1773 inventory of academic paintings as “a portrait of a field hetman, uncompleted, taken from the palace with no frame.” The portrait of Ivan Mazepa was exhibited within an exhibition of 1879 with a note in the catalogue that read “painted by Ivan Nikitin.” After that Nikitin’s authorship has never been questioned. There is a theory that the “field hetman” piece is actually a self-portrait.

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