1919, Pokrovsk — 2012, St Petersburg

In Peaceful Fields

  • 1950
  • oil on canvas
  • 200 x 400
  • Ж-6070
  • Пост. в 1954 через МК СССР

The bright sunshine and ringing tones of this work reflect the feelings of joy and relief experienced by the Soviet people following victory in the Second World War. The painting is an image of the Russian motherland addressing peaceful labour against an endless space and enormous sky. The peasants stride across the field in free and rhythmic movements. Their figures look monumental against the sky. The tragedy of war and the icy of peace were two interlocking themes in the oeuvre of an artist who wrote: “After mourning my comrades in Vow of the Baltic Sailors I painted In Peaceful Fields. From that time onwards, wittingly or unwittingly, I conveyed lightness and darkness.”

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