The Multimedia Centre


Исследуем и создаем мультимедиа в культуре
на основе коллекции, истории и традиций
Русского музея

Online Lecture Hall of the Russian Museum

The second goal of the Centre is the organisation of activities of the Online Lecture Hall with public lectures by leading museum’s specialists for a wide audience of lovers of fine art. The lectures are webcasted live at the site of Non-commercial partnership “Virtual Russian Museum”  and thanks to videoconferencing system are webcasted by the institutions that are participants of the project “The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch”.  Learn about the schedule of future lectures and view past lectures in the section Online Lectures.

Communication with the virtual branches

The Multimedia Centre is the centre of communication with virtual branches of the Russian Museum.

These activities include the organisation of annual seminars for the staff of the virtual branches on the base of the Russian Museum, video conferences,  thematic meetings of the participants of the project, trainings, exchange of experience as well as solving of actual queries and problems from the virtual branches activities. 

Ground Floor

Multimedia and Panoramic Cinema
Multimedia Expositions Halls
History of St. Petersburg Hall

First Floor

Interactive Games Room
Theatre Hall

Second Floor

Conference Hall

Information and Educational Class “The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch”

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The Western Pavilion (Guardhouse) of St. Michael's Castle 8 Inzhenernaya street, St. Petersburg

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