Manufactured of Ivan Dipner. First half of the 19th century

  • Bronze, литье, чеканка. 79 x 67 x 27
  • ОПИ/М-566

  • Received in 1968 from the Main Department of North-Western River Shipping Company, Leningrad

The clock was manufactured at the St Petersburg bronze foundry of Ivan Dipner, who held the honorary title of Supplier to His Imperial Majesty. The basis of the composition is the sculptural group Minin and Pozharsky, by Ivan Martos, which honours the merchant Kuzma Minin and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, the legendary heroes of the popular levy during the Time of Troubles. The statue was erected on Red Square in Moscow in 1818; it became very popular and in 1820 the well-known industrialist and patron of the arts Nikolai Demidov commissioned a model for a clock reproducing the statue from the famous Parisian firm of Pierre-Philippe Thomire. Thomire produced the first six examples and from the end of the 1820s Russian factories began reproducing the clocks.

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