1738 (?), Москва — 1791, Санкт-Петербург

Objects from the Order of St George Service

Franz Gardner Factory. 1777–1778

Designed by Gavriil Kozlov.

The St George dessert service for 80 people was the first of four services commemorating Orders that the Cabinet of Her Imperial Majesty ordered from the Gardner Factory for grand receptions in the Winter Palace. In 1856, under Emperor Alexander II, it was expanded by the addition of elegant candlesticks and decorative vases, and cake plates were added during the reign of Nicholas II.

The Imperial Military Order of the Martyr St George the Victorious was the Russian Empire’s highest military award; it was founded by Catherine the Great on 26 November 1769 to recognise officers for feats in battle and for long service in the armed forces. The order had four classes. The Council of the Order met in session annually on 26 November in St George’s Hall in the Winter Palace, and then held a formal banquet, for which this service was intended.

Plate. Diameter: 23 (Ф-6714); Diameter: 22.5 (Ф-6715); Diameter: 23 (Ф-6723); Diameter: 23.5 (Ф-6734)  

Basket. 8.5 x 25.8 x 23 (Ф-6711); 7.6 х 18.9 х 13.7 (Ф-6786) 

Tray. Length: 18.8; width: 11.7 (Ф-6794); Length: 18.6; width: 12.6 (Ф-6796) 

Cream cup with lid. Height with lid: 11.3; length: 9; width: 6.3 (Ф-6798 а, б); Height with lid: 11.5; length: 9.1; width: 6.4 (Ф-6799 а, б); Height with lid: 11.3; length: 9; width: 6.3 (Ф-6820 а, б); Height with lid: 11.2; length: 9; width: 6.3 (Ф-6821 а, б) 

Salt cellar. 3.4 х 9.5 х 8.6 (Ф-6826); 3.4 х 10.3 х 8.9 (Ф-6829) 

Cream cup. 4.8 x 12.7 x 9.2 (Ф-6832)

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