Wedding costume

The Biryuchensky District, The Voronezh Province. 1870-1880s

  • В-8641, В-8642, В-9857, В-9859, В-9860, Т-6427, В-9863, В-9867, В-9868, В-9869, В-9869

"Soroka"(a magpie). A Headdress. 19th century

The Korotoyak County, The Voronezh Province

Velvet, sequins, gold thread, glass beads, gold embroidery. A) 13 x 15.5 x 13.5; b) 15 x 13



Pozatilen. (A part of the female headdress that covers the back of the head). 19th century

The Korotoyak County, The Voronezh Province

Velvet, beads, sequins, gold embroidery. 14 x 53



An Apron. End of the 1870s-1880s

Cotton, wool, hand weaving, embroidery. 80.5 x 77.5. B-9857


A Shirt. 1870-1880s

Cotton, wool, weaving, embroidery. 52 x 168. B-9859


Poneva. 1870-1880s

Weaving, embroidery. 90 x 96. B-9860


Belt “Podpoyaska”. 1870-1880s. The Voronezh Province

Braid, silk, gimp, wool, hand weaving. 356 x 16. T-6427


A Neck decoration "tie". 1870-1880s

Wool, beads, sequins, needlework. 55 x 3.5. B-9863


Decoration for the back of the belt “Frayed Edges”. 1870-1880s

Wool, sequins, beads, needlework. 38 x 5.3. B-9867


Gribatki (A kind of decoration worn on the breast or the back designed as a thread on which the embroidered rosettes are placed). End of the 1870s-1880s

Wool, sequins, beads, copper, needlework, casting. 62.5 x 21. B-9868


"Twigs". A Necklace. 1970-s.  Kamysino village, Sidorkin farm, The Biryuchensky district, The Voronezh Province

Chintz, beads, threading. 49 х 37. B-9869


 "Podstavka". A Lower skirt. 1870-1880s

Hemp canvas, hand weaving, embroidery. 62 x 76. B-9858


Embroidery in the costume was often accompanied by weaving, printing and lace, but in the Biryuchensky district of the Voronezh province it replaced all other ways of clothes decoration. The wedding costume of local women is a combination of contrasts: strict black sewing on a white shirt and a red-orange skirt-poneva with bright coloured inserts. An elegant poneva has a small fractional ornament, which merges in the plane of wide stripes alternating with a checkered background that is free from the embroidery of the fabric. On the sleeve of the Korotoyaksky’s shirt, a clear ornament causes an involuntary comparison with the jewellery, and the contrast of black with sequins on a white canvas background resembles the precious art of the niello.

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