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Portrait of Boyar Prince Boris Prozorovsky


The boyar is depicted holding a pair of crutches. The maiming of the young courtier was a direct consequence of the hardships he survived in 1670 when Stepan Razin seized Astrakhan. The boyar’s father, Astrakhan Military Governor Ivan Prozorovsky, was executed; while Boris, the Younger Prozorovsky, was hung from the city wall by his legs, along with his elder brother and his uncle. Because of this torture he remained lame for life.

Boris the Younger Ivanovich Prozorovsky (1661–1718) Son of Astrakhan Military Governor Ivan Prozorovsky and Praskovia Likhacheva. Stolnik (cupbearer) (1672), room stolnik (cupbearer) of Tsarevich Therodore Alexeyevich (starting from 1674), boyar (starting from 1682), military governor in Novgorod (?–1697). Member of the Zemsky Sobor (Assembly of the Land). Attended the wedding of Peter the Great and Catherine I. Prozorovksy was in charge of the Armoury. He was married to Irina Rimskaya-Korsakova.

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