1776, ? — 1851, St Petersburg

The Flagellation of Christ


  • oil on canvas. 260 х 207
  • Ж- 3325

  • Пост.: в 1897 из ИЭ; ранее (1820–1850) – в ИАХ; ранее – у автора

The contemporaries called the artist a Russian Raphael for the purity of his style and clarity of his compositions characteristic for the classicism style. The painting was preceded by many preparatory drawings and sketches. The work refers to the Passion of Christ cycle based on the final part of the New Testament telling about the last days of Jesus Christ, His sacrifice and suffering by crucifixion from Last Supper with disciples to Entombment of Christ and Resurrection.

The composition of “The Flagellation of Christ” is very clear. The artist moved out the figures of Christ and his torturers in the foreground. Such composition together with the tonal solution makes the painting look as a bas-relief that is characteristic for the classicism. The contemporaries suggested this painting as the model of academic art.

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