1772, Nezhinskaya (St Petersburg Province) - 1836, Rome

Portrait of Vasily Musin-Pushkin-Bruce

After 1813

  • oil on canvas. 75.5 x 62
  • Ж-5416

  • Received in 1925 from the collection of V. Zubov

Vasily Musin-Pushkin-Bruce (1775 (?) — 1836) was a Count and the son of Field Marshal Count Valentin Musin-Pushkin. In 1793, he married Countess Yekaterina Bruce and received permission to add his wife’s maiden name to his own. He served in the College of Foreign Affairs. He was an actual chamberlain and from 1825 through 1836, a chief cup bearer. Member of several Mason lodges. Patron of the Arts. Chairman of the Imperial Society for the Encouragement of Artists. Depicted with the Order of St Anne of the 1st class (star; 1806).

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