1772, Nezhinskaya (St Petersburg Province) - 1836, Rome

Portrait of Ekaterina Avdulina


  • oil on canvas. 81 x 64,3
  • Ж-5138

  • Пост. в 1918 из собр. Е. М. Терещенко, где находился с 1906 (Петроград); ранее - в собр. Б. И. Ханенко (Киев)

One of the finest works of Orest Kiprensky’s later period, Portrait of Ekaterina Avdulina was painted towards the end of the artist’s first trip to Western Europe (1816–23). Art historians still debate whether the picture was painted in Italy or Paris. When Portrait of Ekaterina Avdulina was exhibited in St Petersburg, contemporaries highly rated its “perfect lifelikeness”, poetic romanticisation of image, delicately refined texture of painting and contrasting colour combinations.Ekaterina Sergeyevna Avdulina (1788–1823): Granddaughter of the millionaire merchant Sergei Yakovlev and daughter of full state councillor Sergei Yakovlev. Wife of Major General Alexei Nikolaevich Avdulin (1776–1838).

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