1824, the village Pomeranye in Novgorod province – 1896, Paris

Pisa. View of the Baptisterium and the Cathedral.


  • oil on canvas. 80,5 х 126
  • Ж-7973

  • Пост.: 1964 приобретено к А. И. Гуревич (Ленинград)

The artist's impression of a small Italian town, located in the coastal valley against a chain of mountains, has a quiet narrative character. Elements of the urban landscape are put to the middle ground; the main attention is paid to the busy traffic on the road. The family returning from town from shopping, a procession of pilgrims, a wagon drawn by oxen, and other characters of the foreground, along with attention to the details, create an image of provincial life in Italy as eventful and at the same time taking place on the background of established, eternal environment.

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