1882/83, Moscow - 1941, Leningrad

Two Heads


  • oil on canvas. 58 х 54
  • Ж-9538

  • Пост. в 1977, дар Е. Н. Глебовой, сестры художника, Ленинград

Compositions entitled "Heads" are often encountered in the paintings and drawings of Pavel Filonov, particularly in the mid-1920s.The head and face of man offered beneficial material for the "reflections" of his brush. The artist regarded the human head as a model of the universe. Removing the layers of skin from the face, Filonov draws parallels in his imagination between this small "universe" and the surrounding world. Various types are plastically analysed in the naked structure of the human face, as is obvious in the composition of Two Heads.

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