1881, Nagayevo (Tula Gubernia) - 1962, Paris

The Evangelists


  • oil on canvas. 204 х 58 (каждая часть)
  • Ж-8183, Ж-8184, Ж-8185, Ж-8186

  • Пост. в 1966 из Министерства культуры СССР (дар А.К.Ларионовой), Москва

Natalia Goncharova frequently appealed to the religious theme. She got her inspiration from the Holy Scriptures, old icons and Old Believers woodcuts representing the dark theme of the Apocalypse. In these paintings, she felt a bond with the Epichristian frescoes. In order to express this archaic influence, Goncharova painted this polyptich called “The Evangelists”, which is one of her most remarkable works. In this painting, her attraction for monumental expression is evident. The enormous figures set against a black background are full of an extraordinary inner strength.

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