1874, St Petersburg - 7, Kullu (India)

Volga Svyatoslavovich


  • tempera on canvas. 203 x 495
  • Ж-7956

  • Пост. в 1964 из Библиотеки им. А.П.Чехова, Ленинград

Volga Svyatoslavovich was part of a set of panels created by Nicholas Roerich for the Bazhanov apartment in St Petersburg. This monumental work conjures up the legendary past of Rus – impenetrable forests, hilly landscapes beneath stormy skies, golden seas in the distance and gallant knights galloping to defend their native land. The artist recreates a scene from the days of yore, when people lived in harmony with their fellow men and God. Whenever danger threatened, all the natural elements – sun, moon, wind, forests and mountains – came to the help of the intrepid national heroes. A straight road would suddenly bend or become overgrown with a forest, blocking the path of the enemy. The simple archaic forms masterly convey the atmosphere of the historical past. Devices employed in ancient miniatures and such icons as The Battle of the Novgorodians and the Suzdalites are employed in this image of Volga Svyatoslavovich and his cavalry.

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