24 November 2016

Paolo Troubetzkoy. To the 150th Anniversary

The Russian Museum is proud to house the biggest collection of works by the world-famous sculptor Pavel (Paolo) Troubetzkoy (1866-1938) in Russia. Among its highlights is the equestrian statue of Alexander III for the monument designed by Troubetzkoy and established in May 1909 at the Znamenskaya square in St.Petersburg. In 1939 it was transferred to the Russian Museum and in 1994 placed in the courtyard of the Marble Palace. At the turn of XX century Troubetzkoy’s vivid impressionistic technique inspired young Russian artists and was considered as flow of fresh air in the atmosphere of prevailing academism and ideological realism. The ouevre of this prominent master, who used to work in Russia, Italy, France and America, presented at the personal exhibition will become a true discovery for the viewers. The exposition will focus on the Russian period of Troubetzkoy’s art, which was the most prolific. Alongside the portraits of the contemporaries of the sculptor (L.Tolstoy, S.Vitte, I.Levitan, F.Chaliapin, S. Botkin) genre and animalistic pieces as well as Troubetzkoy’s graphic works will be on display. The exhibition includes 37 sculptures and 8 drawings from the collection of the State Russian Museum, State Hermitage Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music and private collection from Moscow.

Выставка организована при поддержке ПАО «Северсталь», ПАО «Силовые машины», Международной золотодобывающей компании Нордголд.


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