14 February 2017 Cheboksary (Church)

Seminar for teachers of the school curriculum "Foundations of religious cultures and secular ethics"

On the February 14 in the Virtual Branch of the Russian Museum at the Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia held a meeting of teachers of Cheboksary with the rector of the church, Archimandrite Guriy (Danilov). The priest answered the worried questions of teachers about family values, the importance of repentance and prayer. At the moment, the teachers are being trained in the Chuvash Republican Institute of Education in order to gain experience in teaching the school subject "the foundations of religious cultures and secular ethics." After the conversation with the priest, the guests got acquainted with the library of the church and the church-historical museum. Then the teachers went to a seminar that was held in secondary school No. 56. The school's management, represented by Svetlana V. Korotkova, director and Marina D. Yuryevna, deputy director, acquainted future teachers with the subject of "the foundations of religious culture and secular ethics" with her rich experience in teaching this educational Subject matter. The schedule of the seminar included Demkina Marina Yuryevna's speech on the "Spiritual and moral development and upbringing program for the MBAU" School No. 56 ", open lessons in primary classes and an excursion to the exhibition" The Royal Family ", conducted with the pupils.

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