01 May 2017 Cheboksary, Church

Students of secondary school № 40 on the excursions "Living lessons" in the Church History Museum in Cheboksary

Within the framework of the program "Origins" and the project "Live Teachers" pupils of the elementary school make excursions to the temples of the city of Cheboksary. This introduction to history, national heritage, this spiritual development. On April days, a series of excursions to the Church History Museum for students of the secondary School No. 40 in Cheboksary took place.
In April 24-25 students of the 1st class visited the permanent exposition of the museum at the Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia "Christian enlightenment of the Chuvash people". This exposition is dedicated to the 465th anniversary of the peaceful annexation of Chuvashia to Russia. An interesting excursion was conducted by the guide Tatiana Pavlova. The children visited the reconstructed monastic cell, in the reading room of the church library, learned the history of the emergence of Christianity in and in Chuvashia. We hope that this meeting will continue.

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