12 July 2017 Cheboksary, Church

Day of the All-Russian Society of the Blind in the Virtual Russian Museum at the Temple

On July 12, the Cheboksary organization of the All-Russian Society of the Blind held another Vesovian day at the Virtual Russian Museum at the Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia. Visitors of the museum tactily acquainted with the art installation "Chersonese Tavrichesky" and heard the story of the baptism of Prince Vladimir, which was the beginning of the history of the Baptism of Rus, and later of the Chuvash region.
In the church library, the guests were offered to discuss an article from a new issue of the magazine Slavyanka by journalist Maria Tobolova about the princess Olga Romanova, dedicated to the tragic consequences of the 1917 revolution in Russia. The listeners first learned the biographies of childhood and youth of Princess Olga, about her work as a nurse in the Tsarskoye Selo Infirmary during the First World War, about the sufferings suffered by the entire family of Tsar Nicholas II who were under arrest after the February Revolution until they were shot in Yekaterinburg.
In the hall of the Virtual Branch of the Russian Museum, guests talked with the rector of the church, Archimandrite Guriy, who told about the memory of the first-century apostles Peter and Paul, which is celebrated on this day. A bell rang for the guests.
The Church History Museum, the Virtual Branch of the Russian Museum and the parish library at the temple will significantly expand the resources of the socio-cultural rehabilitation of the blind in Chuvashia. Preliminary applications for group excursions by phone: 8 937 384 14 99.

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