25 April 2018

Sport in Soviet Porcelain, Graphic Arts, and Sculpture

The exhibition includes around 350 ceramic works (porcelain, faience, maiolica) made in the Soviet Union and Russia between the 1920s and the early 1990s, from the collections of the Russian Museum, State Hermitage, and private collections. 

Most part of the exhibition is devoted to the major national porcelain manufacturers: M. V. Lomonosov Leningrad Porcelain Factory, Dmitrov Porcelain Factory, and Dulevo Porcelain Factory. Smaller manufacturers, such as Pervomaysky Porcelain Factory, Proletarian Factory, Konakovo Faience Factory, Keramik and Progress workshops, are represented as well.

The exhibition provides insight into topics of sport and healthy lifestyle as reflected in Russian ceramic art of the 20th century. One will learn how the art of pottery responded to major sport events, such as the Olympic Games, Spartakiads, and Goodwill Games; what artistic motives and technical methods were introduced into ceramics, when, and why. The topic of sport in porcelain is explored so thoroughly for the first time, the exhibition encompassing works by more than 90 artists. 

Sport-themed ceramics is complemented by graphic and sculptural works from the collection of the Russian Museum.

The exhibition was initiated by collector Leonid Notkin.

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