update resources of the Virtual Russian Museum Ufa

"Introductory meetings and classes with the use of updated resources of the Virtual Russian Museum"

Acquaintance with the updated resources of the virtual branch 
of the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) at the Ufa Institute of Arts, 
Ufa, ul. Tsyurupy 9, audience 405, 408.
In the Ufa branch of the Russian Virtual Museum in St. Petersburg, 
an update of the media library and multimedia resources has taken place. 
In connection with this event, in the first half of the new 2019, 
working meetings, classes, and workshops will be held to develop 
new plans for lectures and master classes using new materials.

Research Sector UGII them. Z. Ismagilova,
Faculty of Fine Arts,
Department of History and Theory of Art.

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