20 September 2021 Penza

Virtual tour of the main exhibition of the Mikhailovsky Palace.

The Mikhailovsky Palace is located in the center of St. Petersburg. The palace was built according to the project of the Russian architect of Italian origin Carlo Rossi. In his work, he used innovative techniques, at the same time maintaining the traditional style for the classical era. For his work, Rossi was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir of the third degree.

The idea of building came from Emperor Paul I. According to the plan, it was supposed to overshadow the residences of European sovereigns with its luxury and grandeur, to emphasize the status of Russia as an empire. Today, the Mikhailovsky Palace is interesting not only for its interiors and architecture, but also for its extensive collection of masterpieces of Russian art. The Mikhailovsky Palace presents the following permanent exhibitions of masterpieces of Russian art: XII-XIV centuries; XVIII century; the first half of the XIX century; the second half of the XIX century; folk art of the XVII-XXI centuries.

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