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Annually the Russian Museum organises dozens of exhibitions, which exhibit about 5,000 works from their own collection, as well as from collections of other museums and private collections. The exhibitions generate a great deal of interest. The exhibitions are accompanied by publications and multimedia programs. However access to these materials is limited.

The section “Vernissages in the Russian Museum” enables users to explore virtually the exhibition’s rooms, and get acquainted with the large exhibitions of the Russian Museum.


The exhibition will be open at the St Michael's Castle on the 23th of november.


The exhibition is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the famous Russian filmmaker and film director. The exhibition in the Russian Museum will bring together archival and documentary materials, as well as works of art by the artists and photographers who were Tarkovsky’s colleagues, friends, and followers.
The exhibition features a complicated and many-sided picture of the first decades of the 20th century comprising revolutionary unrest of the 1905th as well as the enthusiasm of the first five-year plan when the belief in the World Revolution, hopes for the common prosperity, apprehensions and brave dreams were combined.
Выставка, открывшаяся в Мраморном дворце и приуроченная к 100-летию Октябрьской революции, воссоздает масштабную и впечатляющую картину рождения и становления советского плаката как особой формы искусства.

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