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The Virtual Russian Museum web portal unites the most up to date projects of the Russian Museum in the field of information technology.

The web-portal enables the user to get access to the collection of the Russian Museum, make a tour round the museum's rooms, visit real and virtual exhibitions as well as get acquainted with the innovative projects of the museum such as the Multimedia Centre in the Western Guardhouse of St.Michael's Castle, the online Lecture Hall, the project for mobile devices "The Augmented Reality" and other mobile applications, "The Theatre of Russian History. The Romanov's House – Facts, Myths and Legends, the Saga of the Dynasty" (the project presented in St. Michael's Castle).

The main part of the web portal is the Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch project. It is an international project, which has been implemented since 2003 and embodies the idea of accessibility to the largest collection of Russian art via creation information and educational centres in Russia and abroad.

Among the participants of the project there are museums, educational institutions and institutions of culture, science and further education.

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