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A Series of Lectures "Talks on Russian Art with the Russian Museum"
A series of lectures "A Virtual School of the Museum's Work"


Junuary, 31


The Life and works of art by Evsey Moiseenko.

A Lecture Alexei Boyko

 Febrary, 9


Встреча музейных специалистов "Музейные истории" в рамках проекта издательства АСТ "Я поведу тебя в музей. Народная книга" 

Febrary, 7


Ivan Aivazovsky - the artist of the Chief Naval Headquaters.

A Lecture Anna Prozorova


 Лекция "Музейные профессии. Профессия реставратор"
 Febrary, 21


Ivan Aivazovsky

A Lecture Anna Prozorova



International Project of art works "ConnectionARTmuseos"

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The lectures take place in the Multimedia Centre of the Western Guardhouse of St. Michael's Castle (8 Inzhenernaya street, St. Petersburg)

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02 November 2017

26 October 2017

24 October 2017

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An Artist. The Time. The Society. To the Anniversary of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists. A Meeting with Anatoly Dmitrenko and Olga Krivdina

А.Ф. Дмитренко, О. А. Кривдина, Р.А. Бахтияров

12 September 2017

The ambon in numbers. The symbolism of images. A Lecture

О. В. Клюканова

27 June 2017

"The Ambon as the Heritage of Prelate Macarius. Discoveries. Restoration. Conservation. A Lecture

Ж.А. Максименко, К.С. Чарыкова

18 May 2017

The Creative Meeting with Alexander Borovsky

А.Д. Боровский

28 February 2017