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A Series of Lectures "Talks on Russian Art with the Russian Museum" A series of lectures "A Virtual School of the Museum's Work"


Date to be confirmed

 Folk art of the Nizhny Novgorod region

21 February

 The performance of the City Theatre by the Fyodor Dostoevsky story "White Nights

13 February


Peter Clodt von Jürgensburg and Ivan Vitali

Lecturer: Olga Krivdina

20 March


The foundation of the Russian Museum named after Emperor Alexander III. To the anniversary of the opening

Lecturer: Vladimir Gusev, Director of the Russian Museum

27 February


Mark Antokolsky

Lecturer: Olga Krivdina

22 March


A Talk on the colour and light in painting. Fireflies. A game

A methodological training study for the staff of the virtual branches

6 March


An image of a woman in Russian art

Lecturer: Svetlana Yershova

18-22 April

All-Russian Festival of the author's short films ARTKINO

13 March



Pavel Trubetskoy and Anna Golubkina

Lecturer: Olga Krivdina



Date to be confirmed


The history of restoration of a painting.

Fidelio Bruni. The Brazen Serpent

Lecturer: Andrei Bogomolov


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The lectures take place in the Multimedia Centre of the Western Guardhouse of St. Michael's Castle (8 Inzhenernaya street, St. Petersburg)

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Planned lectures and events in the Multimedia Cinema

13 February 2018

Лекция “Петр Клодт и Витали”

Lectors: О. А. Кривдина

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The Image of Ivan the Terrible. A Lecture

Н. Н. Мутья

21 December 2017

St. Petersburg of Valery Valran

В.Н. Вальран

12 December 2017

Space and Time in the Creative Work of Evgeny Barsky

Е. С. Барский

05 December 2017

«Пабло Пикассо и искусство XX века». Экспертные выступления

А.Д. Боровский, Хосе Мария Луна Агилар, И. А. Доронченков, А.Г. Бойко

17 November 2017

Art and Revolution. A Lecture

С. С. Ершова

24 October 2017

An Artist. The Time. The Society. To the Anniversary of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists. A Meeting with Anatoly Dmitrenko and Olga Krivdina

А.Ф. Дмитренко, О. А. Кривдина, Р.А. Бахтияров

12 September 2017