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The project “The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch” has been implemented by the Russian Museum since 2003. The goal of the project is to introduce to a wide audience the values of Russian culture and the historical past of Russia via free access to the electronic materials and publication as well as creation of cultural and information environment among the participants of the project.

At present the project has grown into a network of 209 virtual branches, which are open in museums, educational institutions and centres of further education, institutions of science
and culture - both in Russia and abroad.

The Virtual Branch

The information and educational centre “The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch” consists of a multimedia cinema and an information and educational class.

The content of the centre is  the Mediateka.  It includes interactive multimedia programs and films developed by the Russian Museum and enabling every visitor of the information and education centre to come into the museum environment and fascinating world of fine art, get acquainted with masterpieces of collections of museums that are the participants of the project.

Participation in the project

If you have explored the project “The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch” and found it so interested that you feel like becoming one of its participants then we ask you kindly to view the following documents carefully.

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  • Диплом

    За подготовку и реализацию проекта в рамках союзного государства Беларуси и России

    Конкурсно-выставочный проект «Олимпийская радуга» 2014
  • Благодарность

    За создание первого в Республике Адыгея виртуального филиала Русского музея

    Филиал в Республике Адыгея, г. Майкоп 2013
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