The Mice Burying the Cat

Bogorodskoye, Vladimir Province. Late 19th – Early 20th century

  • Wood, carving. 96 х 19 х 14
  • Д-290

  • Пост. в 1938 из Кустарного музея

Cheap popular prints were very important for folk art of the 19th century. Their influence and direct use as originals for many works was clearly reflected in the wooden toy. One of the most interesting and widely distributed popular prints was the plot "The funeral of a cat, or The malarkey in characters".

... A lot of problems brought the cunning cat to the mice. And when it seemed to the mice that the cat was lying dead, they decided to arrange a lavish funeral for their enemy, and a holiday for themselves. They put the cat into the sledges, and they tied its paws just in case. Many mice harnessed in the sledge, and others began to push from all sides. But in the midst of the solemn ceremony, the pretending cat came to life; he easily ripped mice's bonds and attacked them. Then the mice suffered huge losses.

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