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The heart of the collection of folk art, formed in March 1937, is comprised of the collections of the local Museum of Handicraft and the School of Folk Art, as well as works from the museums of the Baron Stieglitz School of Technical Drawing and the Society for the Protection of the Arts. The new department increased its collection in its early years by acquisitions from exhibitions and artists' studios. Academic expeditions to various parts of the country played an important role in forming the collection.The collection now covers all forms of folk art, including both domestic peasant works and art handicraft.

The Mediateka

Year: 2017 | A video film | Language: Russian | Duration: 28:43
Year: 2014 | An interactive program | Language: Russian, English

The virtual tour is based on the temporary exhibition of the Russian Museum "You're lovely, dearie, in any attire" (5 March - 12 May, 2014). 

The program brings together festive folk costumes belonged to the inhabitants of European Russia - from Arkhangelsk to Voronezh, from Pskov to Nizhny Novgorod, as well as paintings from the museum's collection. The program enables you to explore the costumes in details thanks to high-accuracy photography and to get more information about each of them.

Year: 2012 | An interactive program | Language: Russian
Year: 2003 | A video film | Language: Russian | Duration: 25:33
Year: 2000 | A video film | Language: Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Finnish | Duration: 60:00

This  documentary film tells about creation of the main building of The State Russian museum -  The Mikhailovsky Palace.

 The Art collection of the State Russian museum has developed through many phases and expansions. This collection has been forming since the opening of the State Russian museum in 1898

Year: 1998 | An interactive program | Language: Russian, English

In March 1998 the centenary of the State Russian Museum – the first state museum of Russia containing the national art collection – was celebrated. This program represents the outstanding works of national painting, graphics and sculpture, it the history of the museum and its collections and shows the palaces belonging to the united museum complex.

Divisions: “Masterpieces”, “The Mikhailovsky Palace”, “The Marble Palace”, “The Stroganov Palace”, “The St.Michael’s Castle”, “History in Photographs” and “Jubilee Celebrations”

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Headscarves and Shawls in Russia from the 18th to the 21st Century. A Series of Lectures

Н.И. Ковалева, М. А. Сорокина

19 February 2019

Лекция «Украшения как часть народного костюма»

М. А. Сорокина, Н. О. Крестовская, Н.И. Ковалева

06 October 2015

Лекция «Платки и шали в русском народном костюме»

М. А. Сорокина, Н. О. Крестовская, Н.И. Ковалева

20 March 2015

Лекция «Женский народный костюм»

М. А. Сорокина, Н. О. Крестовская, Н.И. Ковалева

25 December 2014

«Виртуальный Русский музей» в социальных сетях: