Terms of Use for Materials and Images Displayed on the Website

According to Subpoint 11, Point 2 of Article 1270 of the Russian Civil Code, "the dissemination of an original work to the public in such a manner that any individual can receive access to the original work from anywhere and at any time of their choosing (dissemination to the public)" constitutes use of an original work. The use of an original work without the copyright owner's permission, regardless of whether or not the action is taken for the purpose of profit, is an infringement of the exclusive right to that original work.

The museum is the exclusive owner of the rights to all the images of interiors and premises, works of art, photographs, documents, and other items from the museum collection, as well as all the images and textual information (the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization), audio materials, video materials, and multimedia materials displayed on the museum's official websites.

The museum does not guarantee that the use of images and other materials displayed on its official website does not infringe on the rights of third parties that do not belong to the museum and are not affiliated with it.

According to Point 1 of Article 1229 of the Russian Civil Code, "the copyright holder can authorize or prohibit other individuals from using the result of intellectual activity or means of individualization at his or her discretion. The absence of prohibition is not considered to be consent (permission). Other individuals cannot use the corresponding result of intellectual activity or means of individualization without the copyright owner's consent."

Materials placed on museum's sites may only be used for non-commercial uses and for educational purposes. A link to the source of information must be stated when using materials of this web-portal. The content on the web-pages of information and educational centres "The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branches" is provided independently by the participants of the project.

In order to obtain images of works from the collection of the Russian Museum and the right to publish them, it is necessary to write an official letter addressed to the Director General of the Russian Museum Alla Yurievna Manilova with a detailed description of which images of works and for what purpose are needed.

Data about the work — author, title, year of creation, technique, inventory number (if possible).

The letter must be issued on the letterhead of the institution that requests the images. A scan of the letter can be sent electronically to info@rusmuseum.ru to the General Department

T. (812) 595-42-04

F. (812) 314-41-53

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