1886, Палех - 1961

Rural Gathering

Палех, Ивановская область. 1927

The art of papier-mâche, inspired by the tradition of the local icon painting, emerged in the village of Palekh in the region of Ivanovo. In 1924, seven artists founded the “Old Painting Artel”. They developed the miniature lacquer painting style, which is characteristic by the elegance of the drawings, the delicacy of the composition, the elongated proportions, the abundance of gold decorations and ornamentations and the using of a black background, on which pure colours brightly resound. There are various themes, which inspire these works: history and modernity, fantasy and literary stories and the musical folklore. The box “Rural Gathering” is a brilliant example of the works produced in Palekh during the 1920s.

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