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St Boris and St Gleb
Second part of the 14th century
The Old Testament Trinity
Portrait of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich
Second half of the 17th century. 1680s (?)
Portrait of Tsar Michael Feodorovich
Second half of the 17th century. 1680S (?)
Portrait of Tsaritsa Marfa Matveevna
December 1681 – 14 February 1682
Portrait of Tsarina Natalia Kirillovna
Late January – early February 1694 (?)

The Mediateka

Year: 2018 | Virtual tours | Language: Russian

Virtual tour of the exhibition, held in the Russian Museum from November 23, 2017 to March 26, 2018.

Year: 2015 | A multimedia film | Language: Russian | Duration: 16:24
Year: 2014 | A computer film | Language: Russian | Duration: 14:50
Year: 2014 | An interactive program | Language: Russian, English

The virtual tour is based on the temporary exhibition of the Russian Museum "You're lovely, dearie, in any attire" (5 March - 12 May, 2014). 

The program brings together festive folk costumes belonged to the inhabitants of European Russia - from Arkhangelsk to Voronezh, from Pskov to Nizhny Novgorod, as well as paintings from the museum's collection. The program enables you to explore the costumes in details thanks to high-accuracy photography and to get more information about each of them.

Year: 2013 | An interactive program | Language: Russian
Year: 2009 | A video film | Language: Russian | Duration: 26:00
Year: 2005 | An interactive program | Language: Russian

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Лекция «Платки и шали в русском народном костюме»

М.А. Сорокина, Н.О. Крестовская, Н.И. Ковалева

20 March 2015

«Виртуальный Русский музей» в социальных сетях: