The Multimedia Centre

We are exploring and developing multimedia in culture based on the collection, history and traditions of the Russian Museum

Digital Content and Digital Exhibitions

The Centre Multimedia integrates up to date digital technology into the museum area. We are enabling to expand the possibilities of the representation of the collection’s exhibits. We are providing functional, constructive and aesthetic solutions to discover the exhibitions conceptions, developing the scenarios of the content’s presentation.

Webcasts and Videoconferencing

Since its foundation the Multimedia Centre has become the art and methodological centre connecting the Russian Museum and its regional partners. Today our long experience of working in information and communications technology has resulted in practice of webcasts and videoconferencing. In our Multimedia Cinema there are both equipment and software available for showing of multimedia films and holding videoconferences with possibility of online webcast.

DraMMatika = Museum + Drama + Multimedia

We are trying to unite organically the museum’s content and digital technologies with the contemporary forms of theatrical, musical and choreographic art.

Actual activities for visitors

We are developing the museum multimedia culture available for users of different ages and social categories. We contribute to widening of the museum’s audience and forming of a new active type of visitors. The participators of our interactive workshops and interactive game routes are learning to choose by themselves the form, speed and sequence of exploring of the museum’s content.

For Visitors

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Interactive Game Routes
  • Showing of Films
  • Lectures
  • Meetings with the artists and curators
  • Digital Exhibitions and Performances

For Professionals

  • Conferences, Seminars, Round Tables
  • “Homo Ludens has come to the museum”, an annual seminar
  • Autumn Media Marathon
  • Take part in Online Lecture Hall Programme
  • Digital Content
  • Digital Exhibitions

The Western Pavilion (Guardhouse) of St. Michael's Castle

8 Inzhenernaya street, St. Petersburg

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