The Virtual Branch

The Mediateka

The content of the information and educational centres "The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branches" is the Mediateka – a united library of multimedia resources, films, educational and game programs developed by the leading specialists of the Russian Museum and the partners of the project.

To make it easy to work with the Mediateka all the materials are included into one interface and systematised according to the subject. The Mediateka comprises about 800 multimedia programs and films.

The Mediateka is annually upgraded with new publications and computer programs.

Information and educational class

In the information and educational class equipped by the computers and earphones visitors can work with programs of the Mediateka by themselves, visit the web portal "The Virtual Russian Museum", the web portal of the Russian Museum and the other Internet resources relating to the cultural heritage of Russia.

Along with computer programs the publications on the history of Russian art, history of palaces and parks that are the parts of the Russian Museum complex, as well as catalogues of exhibitions are available in the information and educational class.

Multimedia cinema

The multimedia cinema is presented an auditorium equipped with modern projection equipment or a plasma panel, a computer, a DVD player and an audio system. Here you can watch films on St. Petersburg, the Russian Museum, palaces and gardens that are the parts of the museum complex as well as educational programs and films from the Author's Programme of the Director of the Russian Museum Vladimir Gusev.

Thanks to up-to-date information technologies, the technology of virtual reality, and 3D modelling these programs enable the users to make virtual tours round the palaces of the Russian Museum and get to know its expositions. The viewer has a possibility to see the historical reconstructions of lost palace interiors, and make a tour round the Summer Garden. The visitors are especially interested in a virtual journey into paintings, coming from one painting into the other thanks to specially designed 3D space based on the subjects of both paintings.  

Photo gallery

Naryan-Mar, The Nenets Regional Museum

Yaroslavl, The Cultural Centre named after Valentina Tereshkova

Yaroslavl, The Cultural Centre named after Valentina Tereshkova

Krasnoyarsk, The Institute for the Humanities of the Siberian Federal University

St. Petersburg, The Central District Library named after Anton Chekhov

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