Saga of the Dynasty

"Theater of Russian History. House of Romanov - Facts, Legends and Myths. The Saga of the Dynasty"


Since 2013, the Russian Museum has been working on the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to implement a long-term project to transform Mikhailovsky Castle into a new type of Museum dedicated to the history of the Romanov dynasty. The principal novelty lies in the fact that the traditional display of the collection for the Museum of fine arts is undergoing significant changes, primarily due to the active use of modern electronic technologies in the exhibition, which meet the visitor at the entrance to the castle and accompany him on all routes. The process of learning and understanding the history of culture from edifying and instructive turns into an interactive, sometimes playful, giving the viewer the opportunity for dialogue and choice.

The project is a historical drama in ten acts with an epilogue (each Act is dedicated to a single epoch or fate):

Act I "Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich" (Paul I) (December 24, 2014-may 10, 2015)
Act II "Peter I. Time and Environment" (December 17, 2015-April 3, 2016)
Act III "Georg Groot and Elizabethan Times" (December 2, 2016-March 13, 2017)
Act IV "Catherine the Great in the Country and the World" (February 15-may 28, 2018)
Act V "Nicholas I" (February 13 - may 20, 2019)
Act VI "Alexander III. The Emperor and the Collector" (February 12-may 10, 2020)
Act VII "Beginning of the Dynasty. From Mikhail to Alexey" (from Mikhail Fedorovich to Alexey Mikhailovich)
Act VIII "Two Annas»
Act IX "Two Alexanders - two Destinies»
Act X "Nicholas II (last)»
Act XI "In the Epilogue. "Agitation for Happiness»

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