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The Mediateka

The content of the information and educational centre “The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch” is  the Mediateka, which is available in any one of the virtual branches of the Russian Museum. It includes multimedia films, interactive programs and games created by experts of the Russian Museum on the basis of its art collections covering the historical period from the 10th to 21st centuries.

The Mediateka comprises of materials on different subjects devoted to the history of Russian art, museum collecting, researching and representing of exhibits. A considerable part of the Mediateka  materials is devoted to the permanent exhibitions of the Russian Museum including masterpieces of the collection.

The expansion of the museum’s complex has resulted in the issue of a series of publications and creation of multimedia programs on the architectural monuments of St. Petersburg that are the part of the museum’s complex – the Mikhailovsky Palace, St. Michael’s Castle, the Stroganov Palace, the Marble Palace, the Summer Garden and the Summer Palace of Peter the Great, the Cabin of Peter the Great.

The Mediateka is annually upgraded with new publications and computer programs.

To make it easy to work with the Mediateka all the materials are systematised according to the subject. It is possible to browse all the materials in alphabetical order. The description of the Mediateka materials includes the general imprint, technical specifications of demonstration and a short annotation.

Brand-new programs Multimedia programs


Annualy the Russian Museum publishes catalogues for the exhibitions and scientific editions.

The complete index of editions you will find at the website of the Russian Museum.

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