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Annually the Russian Museum organises dozens of exhibitions, which exhibit about 5,000 works from their own collection, as well as from collections of other museums and private collections. The exhibitions generate a great deal of interest. The exhibitions are accompanied by publications and multimedia programs. However access to these materials is limited.

The section “Vernissages in the Russian Museum” enables users to explore virtually the exhibition’s rooms, and get acquainted with the large exhibitions of the Russian Museum.


The exhibition at the Russian Museum brings together the works of Italian and Russian futurists, which allow a viewer to witness the originality of each of the two national versions of this large-scale creative movement.

Past Exhibitions

One of the leading masters of Russian impressionism, Grabar had a significant impact on the development of this trend in Russian painting. The exhibition presents more than 120 paintings from 17 Russian museums, as well as private collections in both Russian capitals.
В Михайловском замке в режиме видеоконференцсвязи состоялся прием работ из Италии для выставки «Итальянский футуризм из коллекции Маттиоли».
The major exhibition from the funds of the Russian Museum will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique talent of the greatest master of Russian landscape in all its diversity.
Выставка посвящена творчеству художника, принадлежащего к кругу Малевича, выросшего в самостоятельного, глубокого и разностороннего мастера. Экспозиция включает произведения из государственных и частных собраний.
Юбилейная выставка Народного художника Российской Федерации включает более 60 живописных произведений разных лет, начиная с 1980-х годов и до сегодняшнего дня. В экспозиции представлены женские образы и работы, объединяющие жанры портрета и натюрморта.
The exhibition is devoted to the most impressive and spectacular natural events depicted in the paintings of Russian artists.
The exhibition dedicated to the work of artists of the Millennial generation from Saint-Petersburg. The exhibition includes works by more than 40 authors performed in various techniques, largely caused by the general interest of artists in experimenting with the material.

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