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Annually the Russian Museum organises dozens of exhibitions, which exhibit about 5,000 works from their own collection, as well as from collections of other museums and private collections. The exhibitions generate a great deal of interest. The exhibitions are accompanied by publications and multimedia programs. However access to these materials is limited.

The section “Vernissages in the Russian Museum” enables users to explore virtually the exhibition’s rooms, and get acquainted with the large exhibitions of the Russian Museum.


The exhibition displays the works of the world-famous artist, one of the leading masters of Russian art of the first half of the 20th century. The artist's Tibetan expeditions and the works that resulted from them make up the final, most significant section of the exhibition.
В Михайловском замке демонстрируются произведения живописи XVIII – первой половины XIX века, а также образцы древнерусского искусства, рисунок и акварель XVIII – первой половины XIX века.
To mark the 125th anniversary of the Russian Museum, such an exhibition is shown in all of its palaces, bringing together items of different epochs and donors. The exhibition displays about 1000 works of painting, 300 drawings and watercolors, 80 sculptural works, 100 items of decorative-applied and folk art.
The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures and graphics created from 1945 to the end of the 2010s.
В залах Строгановского дворца экспонируются гравюры русских и советских мастеров, образцы керамики и стекла, медали, монеты, а также произведения народного искусства.
На выставке в Мраморном дворце демонстрируются произведения художников-нонконформистов 1960–1980-х годов, коллекция скульптуры, а также образцы российского актуального искусства конца XX – начала XXI века.
February 26, 2020, marks the 175th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Alexander III, whose name was given to The State Russian Museum in April 1895. Special mention is made of Alexander III's merits in museum construction and art education, which was due to his undoubted passion for history and fine arts.
Виртуальная выставка "Мода на русское" в приложении дополненной реальности "Артефакт"
Belsky brothers (Ivan (1719-1799), Alexey (1729-1796) and Efim (1730-1778)) were the greatest masters of the painting team of The Chancellery (later The Office) of buildings of Her Imperial Majesty. For more than half a century they performed the most responsible painting work commissioned by Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the Great.
The exhibition for the first time reconstructs the history of Leningrad Expressionism in the unity and diversity of the ways of the plastic form development. Presented artworks closely converge, but their authors, as a rule, did not intersect in life.

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