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Annually the Russian Museum organises dozens of exhibitions, which exhibit about 5,000 works from their own collection, as well as from collections of other museums and private collections. The exhibitions generate a great deal of interest. The exhibitions are accompanied by publications and multimedia programs. However access to these materials is limited.

The section “Vernissages in the Russian Museum” enables users to explore virtually the exhibition’s rooms, and get acquainted with the large exhibitions of the Russian Museum.


The exhibition presents the works by a famous St. Petersburg sculptor Dmitry Kaminker made over several decades.
Последнюю неделю картина М. В. Нестерова и фильм о ее реставрации демонстрируются посетителям Русского музея на «выставке одной картины» в Михайловском дворце.
The exhibition features more than 250 paintings and graphic works: recognized masterpieces by the master and his little-known works, as well as memorial items related to the life and work of the artist.

Past Exhibitions

В рамках выставки «Механический балет. Видеоискусство в Музее Людвига в Русском музее» в Центре мультимедиа Русского музея состоятся встречи с художниками, показы работ, дискуссии.
В Российском центре науки и культуры в Праге открылась мультимедийная выставка, подготовленная на основе собрания Русского музея.
The exhibition is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Konstantin Andreevich Somov, one of the greatest masters of Russian art of the first half of the twentieth century, a prominent representative of the artistic movement “World of Art” (“Mir Iskusstva”).
The Petersburg-based society of artists Union of Youth is the first officially registered association of artists of the Russian avant-garde.
An exhibition in the Garden Vestibule of the Mikhailovsky Palace presents ten portraits of poet Anna Akhmatova in painting, graphics, and sculpture, created by the writer’s contemporaries.
The exhibition shows the way the invisible was reflected in fine arts, from modernism, symbolism, and avant-garde to the art of our contemporaries.
The exhibition presents for the first time the largest collections of Seryakov's works belonging to the Russian Museum and the Hermitage.
The exhibition presents paintings, graphics, sculpture, theatrical-decorative and applied arts, and numismatics from three private collections in St. Petersburg: the Paleev family, the Berezovsky family, and the Naumov family.
The world famous traveler Fyodor Konyukhov will appear for the first time in the exhibition as an artist endowed with a bright and extraordinary gift.
The exhibition, dedicated to the sacred art of the 17th century, presents works exclusively from the collection of the Russian Museum - objects of jewelry, embroidery, icon painting and monumental painting of the 17th century.
The sixth exhibition from the cycle “The Romanovs Family Saga” covers the personality and state affairs of Emperor Nicholas I, his foreign policy, the life of society, the imperial court and the royal family, as reflected in the works of painting, graphics, numismatics and decorative and applied arts.
The exhibition is part of a series of the Russian Museum’s exhibition projects dedicated to various etching techniques. Woodcut is the oldest form of printed graphics. The Russian Museum holds an excellent collection of Russian woodcuts, representing this kind of visual art in its entirety and diversity.
The exhibition “Solomon Yudovin. Graphic Works from the Besieged Leningrad” from the collection of Evgeny Gerasimov and the Russian Museum is timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad. The exhibition features about 150 works by the artist, most of which are on display for the first time.

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