1792, Moscow - 1839, Astrakhan

Painter, watercolourist, battle painter, author of history paintings, portraitist. Son of a merchant. Studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts (from 1801). Awarded a second silver medal (1809); first silver medal (1810) for drawings from life; second gold medal (1811); first-class gold medal and first-degree certificate (1812) for the “battle of the Romans and the Latins (Sacrificial Death of Decius Mus)” programme. Academician (1815). Appointed a painter of the embassy to Persia (August 1816). Awarded a title of titular counsellor (30 March 1818). Worked in the field army in Asia Minor (1828-1829). Travelled across the Caucasus (1820-1830s), created many sketches and studies for future drawings and watercolours. Lived in Tiflis (1830). Served at the Astrakhan customs until death.

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Battle of Leipzig on 6 October 1813
Battle of Leipzig on 6 October 1813

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