1892, Александровка Екатеринославской губернии — 1967, Ленинград

"Commissar" A Plate with the inscription: "Uritsky Square "

Painted by E. Yakimovskaya. 1922

Alexandra Schekatikhina-Pototskaya, invited to the State Porcelain Factory in1918, took an active part in the creation of agitation porcelain. The large amount of unpainted pieces at the factory was decided to use as a means of revolutionary agitation. The artist was more attracted by folklore motifs unlike the geometrized adherent of the avant-garde, Sergey Chekhonin. The traditions of ancient Russian painting and folk art, perceived by Schekatikhina in childhood (her grandfather was an icon painter, grandmother – an embroidereress) and mastered during the years of study, fully expressed in the master’s works. She sought to combine the revolutionary idea with folk and contemporary aesthetic ideas in the painting of decorative plates and dishes.

Her paintings are imbued with the spirit of Russian holiday and performed in a bright and colourful " style characterised to the World of Art society. Steady forms, coming from peasant art, lost their symmetry and balance in Schekatikhina art, but acquired the expressive and grotesque features. Revolutionary slogans, inscriptions by the artist’s skillful brush turned into a spontaneous colour and the compositional freedom of a picturesque-graphic decor, creating an irrepressible festive fun.

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