1799, St Petersburg -1852, Manziana (near Rome)

Portrait of Countess Olga Pavlovna Fersen on a Donkey


Spouses Fersen and Brullov were tied by quite a close friendship. The collection of P. K. Fersen included many of his works. In March 1835 O. P. Fersen, having learned about the artist's intention to set off to travel to the East, wrote to him from Naples: "We hope and surely not in vain, that you will come to us to say goodbye, having the intention to undertake such a long journey. Your arrival would prove to me that my requests are all-powerful over you, which is something you assured me of so pleasantly... We are waiting for you with impatience and hope that you will agree to spend three or four days with your old friends".

Along with this work Brullov also created a portrait of O.P. Fersen and a watercolour portrait of the count P. K. Fersen (1800–1884).

Olga Pavlovna Fersen (née Stroganova, 1808–1837) — a daughter of the adjutant general P. A. Stroganov (1774–1817) and his wife Sophia Vladimirovna (née Golitsyna; 1775–1845), the younger sister of Her Highness Princess E. P. Saltykova.

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