1798, St Petersburg -1877, St Petersburg

Portrait of Vasily Perovsky


A well-known architect, Alexander Brullov was also a distinguished draughtsman and watercolourist. Including pencil and watercolour portraits, views and genre scenes, the artist’s graphic heritage was immense and exceedingly diverse. Alexander Brullov spent a great deal of time with Vasily Perovsky in the summer of 1824. In a letter home to his parents, he describes him as “a direct and wonderful man who loves a quiet life and the arts.”Vasily Alexeyevich Perovsky (1795-1857): Illegitimate son of Count Alexei Razumovsky. Fought in the Patriotic War (1812) and the Russo-Turkish War (1828). Adjutant general (1833), member of the State Council (1845), count (1855). Brother of the writer Anton Pogorelsky and friend of the poet Vasily Zhukovsky.

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