The Raising of Lazarus, The Old Testament Trinity, The Purification, STs. John the Theologian and Prochorus. Four-parts icon

Novgorod. About 1497

  • Четырехчастная икона: Три липовые доски, две односторонние шпонки, ковчег, яичная темпера.. 103 х 76,7 х 1,8
  • ДРЖ-2775

  • Поступила после Выставки памятников древнерусской живописи, организованной Наркомпросом РСФСР в Германии, Англии и Америке в 1929— 1932 годах

  • Икона происходит из Георгиевской церкви в Новгороде

This icon comes from the Church of St. George in Novgorod. The composition unites four scenes linked to one another. “The Raising of Lazarus” is one of Christ miracles described in the New Testament. “Trinity” is the symbol of spiritual unity in the form of three angels. “The Purification” depicts the scene of the presentation of Christ when he was an infant in a church. St. John the Theologian is represented dictating his revelation to Prochorus. All the features of this icon are characteristic of the Novogorod iconography during the 15th century, when it reached its pinnacle: the sense of proportion, the structured composition and the harmony of colours.

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