The Mediateka

The Palaces, Rooms and Collections. The Virtual Tours round the Russian Museum

Edition type An interactive program, Virtual tours
Year 2010
Language Russian, English

The program enable users to visit the whole museum complex in a virtual environment. The interiors and exteriors of the Mikhailovsky, Marble, Stroganov and Summer palaces, as well as St Michael’s Castle and the House of Peter I  are  presented using the technology of panoramic photography.  The program enables users to explore the main museum’s exposition located in the Mikhailovsky palace and the Benois Wing along with the exhibitions of the museum’s branches – “Ludwig’s Museum in the Russian Museum”, “Collection of Petersburg’s Collectors Rzhevsky” in the Marble Palace, “Foreign Artists in Russia” and gala interiors in St Michael’s Castle, interiors of the Summer Palace of Peter I and the Stroganov Palace. The program also contains virtual tours round the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens. In each palace the user can take a virtual tour browsing outside and inside of the chosen object and get information about the room, exposition and history of the palace.

Explore the program/ film in any of the VIRTUAL BRANCHES OF THE RUSSIAN MUSEUM


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