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Informational-educational center "The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch"

The Irbit State Museum of Fine Arts

Irbit, Sverdlovsk region
Common information

Opened on 24.05.2006

A long-standing relationship Irbit state Museum of fine arts with the State Russian Museum.

In may 2006, in the Museum and exhibition information and educational center of Irbitsky state Museum of fine arts on the basis of the movie-video-lecture hall (60 seats) opened the information-educational center "Russian Museum: virtual branch".

Film and video a lecture hall is also one of the four exhibition halls of the Museum on the street Elizarovich. Regularly in the cinema are: cinema-video lectures, seminars, lectures, concerts, press conferences, exhibition openings, classes for children and adults, meetings with interesting guests, screenings of documentaries and feature films, playing club of fans of cinema and theater.

Special demand for the services of information and educational center "Russian Museum: virtual branch" among schoolchildren and students of the city.

Address: 28V the Elizarevs street, Irbit
Opening hours : Daily 10am - 7pm. Closed on Sunday
Phone: tel.: +7 (34355) 6-37-96, fax: +7 (34355) 3-61-06

How often do we come to Saint-Petersburg? Correctly, rarely, in the best case - once a year on vacation. And in the famous State Russian Museum, even rarer. But it turns out we can visit him every day. In our fine arts Museum on the street of St. Elizarovykh, 28 "in" for ten years running "Virtual branch of Russian Museum". Many residents know that recently, on 30 October 2008 in Irbit Pushkin Museum held the opening exhibition of the program "30 years together". Cause for celebration was the 30-year collaboration Irbit Museum and a number of the largest museums in the country. Among them State Russian Museum, all-Russian art scientific and restoration centre named after academician I. E. Grabar, the State Hermitage and the State Museum of fine arts. Of A. S. Pushkin. And the State Russian Museum in 1977 donated to the Irbit Museum is small, but carefully selected a cohesive collection of Russian prints from the early eighteenth to 30 years of XX century. Now all these 75 pages under the title "the Gift of the Russian Museum" exhibited in the "Museum of Ural art" on the street Volodarskogo, 14. The relationship of our Museum colleagues from GRM continues to this day. This scientific advice, joint exhibition, opening in may 2006 of the "Virtual branch of Russian Museum" in the "cherry" hall of the Museum and exhibition information and educational center IHMII Elizarovykh on the street, 28 "V", equipped with the latest technology LCD projector and a sound system that gives you every right to call him the best in Irbit. In 2008 we visited 2 thousand people, and in 2009 on the order of less than 553 students of Irbit, Irbit district and the neighboring territories of Turinsk, Alapaevsk, Cutting, Kamyshlov, etc. Now our students have a unique opportunity to use materials developed by employees of the Russian Museum. The most interesting and popular documentary film series "Russian Museum – to children". Short and succinct documentaries cover the basics and language of fine art. In each series available to kids is a story about the history and collections of the Russian Museum. The film "the artist" introduces various painting techniques, talks about the items needed for the artist to work. "From nature to art way," explains how the artist works on the painting that this study, and in the process of studying nature is born. The film "Etude, sketch, composition" about the birth plan, and how it manifests in the work of art. With interest, the children will learn "How to look at a picture". Why the paintings are so different from each other, what determines their originality and uniqueness of their images. All types and genres of fine art lucidly explained and shown in the movies: "drawing", "Watercolor", "Landscape", "still life", "Portrait", "Folk art" Sculpture", "Engraving" is very often shown in our cinema. They all serve a great help to teachers while learning the school curriculum of world art and culture and fine arts. Here in the "cherry" hall regularly host: movie-video lectures, seminars, lectures, concerts, press conferences, exhibition openings, classes for children and adults, meetings with interesting guests, screenings of documentaries and feature films, playing club of fans of cinema and theater. Regularly in the "cherry" cinema sessions are showing documentaries on world art culture, literature (adaptation of literary works), history, art, geography. Almost for each exhibition we choose a corresponding video material. For example, before a tour of the exhibition Herman Meteleva, we have shown a half-hour film about the work of the great Ural artist. In General, library Irbitsky GMII wide range of documentary and feature films that's available to each teacher for use in school of world art and culture. In the future we plan to create informational and educational class for individual lessons on the computer in special programs of the Russian Museum. The guys themselves will be able to virtually get acquainted with the works of the Russian Museum, they will be able to get from one room to another and find a lot of reference material about Russian artists and their work. The attitude of heads of the Russian Museum to our branch are very friendly, are regularly invited to school to send new teaching material, quickly resolved other issues. We invite you, dear friends, on trips to virtual branch Russian Museum in Irbit Pushkin Museum!
Head. sector NDP Irbitsky GMII Konovalov Xenia Grigorievna .

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