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Mikhail Vrubel. To the 165th Anniversary of the Artist Online

Edition type Virtual tours
Year 2023
Language Russian

Virtual tour of the exhibition, which took place in the Benois Building of the Russian Museum from June 3 to November 14, 2022. In the virtual tour, you can see about 200 paintings and graphics by Mikhail Vrubel from the collection of the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery. The virtual tour allows you to travel through the four halls of the exhibition, examine in detail and get additional information about the exhibits. The artworks are accompanied by annotations prepared by the curator of the exhibition, Vladimir Kruglov, a leading researcher at the Russian Museum, and Yulia Solonovich, a senior researcher and curator of the Russian Museum's Drawing Department. Audio guides have been added to the most significant works. In the virtual tour, you can watch eight videos about the work of Mikhail Vrubel, prepared during the exhibition.

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There are the lections of the Russian Museum Chief Researcher Alexey Kurbanovsky and Anna Prozorova, the leading methodologist for scientific and educational activities of the methodological department of the Russian Museum, as well as video recordings of mini‒excursions by the head of the excursion department Valentina Gorlova about different areas of Vrubel's creativity - work on portraits and images of a Demon and a Prophet, about fairy-tale images and the role of theater in life. and the artist's work.

The exhibition presented the main stages of the path of one of the leading masters of Russian art at the turn of the XIX‒XX centuries. His creative quest and achievements were far ahead of their time. The portraits of his contemporaries, works inspired by Russian and ancient mythology, classical literature and theatrical productions, in which his wife N.I.Zabela-Vrubel took part, are marked by high spirituality. Canvases "The Hero", "The Swan Princess", illustrations to the works of Mikhail Lermontov, compositions inspired by the poetic images of Alexander Pushkin ("The Prophet", "The Six-Winged Seraphim") and Johann Wolfgang Goethe ("Faust") have become an integral part of Russian culture and are still a high standard and a true school for many generations of Russian artists and art connoisseurs.

The Russian Museum expresses its sincere gratitude to the State Tretyakov Gallery, which provided about 100 images of works from its collection for the preparation of a virtual tour, as well as Delia LLC for the opportunity to use audio guides.


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