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Virtual tour "Women's Folk Costume in Russia. 18th-20th centuries" Online

Edition type Virtual tours
Year 2022
Language Russian, English

Virtual tour of the exhibition, which took place in the Russian Museum from March 5 to May 12, 2014. The tour allows you to take a virtual walk through the halls of the exposition, where 50 complexes of festive costumes were presented, as part of which over 400 products were demonstrated. In the virtual tour, you can examine in detail each costume shot in high quality, read detailed annotations prepared by the staff of the Department of Folk Art of the Russian Museum, find out what elements the costume consisted of in a particular area, what were the features of headdresses and what jewelry women wore in different provinces, as well as listen to audio guides about the most interesting exhibits and get acquainted with the lectures that were prepared for this exhibition.

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The exposition was based on costumes that belonged to residents of European Russia – from the Far North to Kursk and Voronezh, from Smolensk and Pskov to Nizhny Novgorod. In the virtual tour, you can see the costumes of wealthy townspeople and merchants – sarafans, soulguards, shugai, which were sewn from expensive fabrics – brocade, damask, silk, decorated with unique gold embroidery. Peasant costumes of the XIX – early XX centuries were made mainly of home-made fabrics. It is in the peasant environment that the most ancient layer of Slavic costume has been preserved (swing ponevas, long-sleeve shirts, horned hats, ornaments made of feathers and down).

The exhibition was perfectly complemented by paintings by Russian artists D.G.Levitsky, K.B. Venig, F.A. Malyavin, K.A.Korovin, who turned to the image of a woman's costume. Costumes of the Russian cities and the Russian North, wedding dresses and costumes of Central and Southern Russia can be seen freely moving in the exhibition space along the navigation points in the halls or using the visual plan of the exposition.


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