The Treasures of the Castle

The State Russian Museum features the fifth game from the “Children of the Same Age” series called “the Treasures of the Castle”.

Its main difference from the traditional adventure games is the fact that it originated from the real St. Petersburg environment of St. Michael’s Castle. The old paintings and the interiors, reconstructed by restorers, enable the players to learn about both tragic and romantic events from Paul’s life and his family. The game not only lets the players get acquainted with the history of the reigning dynasty of Romanovs, but is also a kind of guide to the world of city mysticism during those times when St. Michael’s Castle was the centre of the empire. Adventures and puzzles await you in the halls and labyrinths of the castle, accompanied by the chilling sighs of the mysterious inhabitants. The game is created with the support of the Charitable Foundation “Sistema”. 

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