1835, Pokutyńce (Podole) - 1884 Kowanówko (Poznań)

Polish painter. Studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1853-1859). Awarded a silver medal (1857), minor gold medal (1858) for Assembly at the Court of Peter the Great; major gold medal for Catherine the Great Receiving Zaporozhian Complaints; awarded the title of class artist in genre painting. Foreign fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts in France, Belgium and Spain (1862-1866). Court painter for Sultan Abduülaziz in Constantinople (1864-1876). Painted battle compositions related to the history of Turkey and portraits of the Sultan. Lived in Turkey and visited Germany, France, Italy and Poland. Moved to Cairo (1873) to paint ornamental compositions in oil and watercolours. Moved to Paris due to the volatile political situation in Constantinople (1876).

Collection of the Russian Museum
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Assembly Under Peter the Great
Assembly Under Peter the Great

The Mediateka

Year: 2015 | A computer film | Language: Russian | Duration: 06:00

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