RODCHENKO Alexander Mikhailovich

1891, St Petersburg - 1956, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor, author of spatial constructions, photographer, designer, theatrical designer. Studied at the Kazan School of Art (1910-1914) and the Stroganov Central School of Art and Industry in Moscow (1914-1917). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1913). Joined Department of An, People's Commissariat of Education (1918), directed the Museums Office and worked for its first purchasing commission (1918-1921). Founding member of the Institute of Artistic Culture in Moscow (1920-1924). Taught at Moscow Proletcult (1918) and the Faculties of Woodwork and Metalwork, Higher Art and Technical Studios(1920-1930). Took courses in photography at the Moscow Institute of Polygraphy (1930s). Collaborated with various magazines (1920s). 

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Red and Yellow
Red and Yellow

The Mediateka

Year: 2007 | An interactive program | Language: Russian

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