1662, Venice – 1739, Venice

An Italian sculptor of the Venice school of the Classic trend. In his early years experienced Giamboloni's and A. Vittoria's influence. His main works are now in Venice. In 1716–1717 at Raguzinsky's commission Antonio Tarsia performed two full-size statues "Fate" and "Nemesis" for the Summer Garden. His works are kept in Peterhof, Pushkin, state Hermitage. Tarsia's works are characterised by elegant turnings, very expressive gestures, the distinction of form rendering, exquisitely found details. A talented sculptor A. Corradini was Tarsia's student.

The sculptor's son, Giovanni Battista Tarsia – a painter, first came to Russia in the last years of Peter the Great's reign, then for the second time in 1735. In Saint Petersburg he decorated plafonds for royal palaces, nobility's houses and churches.

Collection of the Russian Museum

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