Lacy Valance

Galich, Kostroma Province. The end of the 18th - the beginning of the 19th century

At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, lacework in the town of Galich, the Kostroma province, became a notable phenomenon of folk art. The craftswomen weaved lace from the coloured silk of exquisite shades in laborious multi-pair technique, where both the background and the pattern are weaving together. Graceful valances and the edges of towels with two wide lace stripes, alternating with coloured silk ribbons, were decorating mirrors and icons in the sacred corner of the house.

In the ornament there are motifs of two-headed eagles, winged horses, figured medallions, garlands twisted with ribbons, elegant cartouches, deers, blossoming branches and bushes with birds. The dense shapes of the ornament are outlined with a thick silk filigree of exquisite combinations of greenish-blue, pink, pale yellow, golden-brown, blue colours. The rococo style was reflected in a gentle colour and an intricate dynamic pattern.

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