1883, Палех - 1955, там же

Casket "Mowing"

Palekh, Ivanovo Region. 1926

In the 1920s-1930s in the village of Palekh of the Ivanovo region tempera painting (paints, mixed with an egg yolk, traditional for icon painting) on papier mâché arose on the basis of the local icon painting.

The masters of Palekh used the Fedoskino experience of making papier mâché boxes painted on black lacquer. Further on, the masters of Palekh developed purely local art traditions and techniques of tempera painting.

In 1924 the first creative group of Palekh masters was founded. It was the Artel of Old Painting. It included seven former icon painters – I.Golikov, I.Markichev, A. Kotukhin, V. Kotukhin, A.Zubkov, I. Zubkov, I. Bakanov.

Masters of Palekh's lacquer miniatures elaborated the common style of new art that united the characteristic features of local icon painting. The Palekh miniature is characterized by the grace of the drawing, clear composition, beautiful elongated proportions of the figures, use of obligatory black background in the colouring scheme, on which the pure tones of colour, the abundance of gold ornament are especially notable.

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